Sat, Dec

Bernard Lee Releases New Poker Book


Bernard Lee is the poker writer with the Boston Herald. He has used the material written in his columns over the last three years for his first poker book, The Final Table, Volume I.

Lee created easy to understand lessons from actual tournament situations in his newspaper columns. He was constantly being besieged for columns he had written earlier. From this germinated the idea of writing a book. He updated the earlier columns with fresh commentary and references and created this book.

The Final Table, Volume I has been well received. Linda Johnson, often referred to as the first lady of poker, has this to say. “Bernard has an amazing ability to take complicated tournament strategies and make them easy to understand. To say that he is a master teacher would be an understatement.”

Lee shot into prominence when he finished 13th in WSOP 2005. Though he missed the final table he got the Boston Herald job. And the “Volume I” in the title of his book indicated that there is more to come.