Sun, Oct

Intranet Poker Likely Soon in California


The UIGEA put an end to online poker played on the Internet in the United States. However the UIGEA had a provision that has not been the subject of discussion in public forums. As per that provision each state can permit intranet online poker. This means that the participation has to be restricted to players within the state. Also certain specified conditions need to be met.

The Democratic Assemblyman Lloyd Levine took up this provision and introduced in February The California Gambling Control/Intrastate Online Poker Legalization Act, AB 2026, with a view to prepare a feasibility study within the state Department of Justice. However the focus of the bill has changed from making recommendations to authorizing and implementing online intranet poker.

Now there are two stops before the bill becomes an Act. In August the Senate Appropriations Committee will vote on it and then the full State Senate. If the bill goes through then California would become the first state to legalize intrastate online poker.