Thu, Aug

WSOP 2008 Main Event


The final table of the WSOP 2008 Main Event has finally been reconvened. There has been a mixed reaction to the delay. The organizers have stated that they will evaluate the pros and cons after the event is over and then will take a considered decision for next year.

Dennis Phillips suffered an early setback. From being chip leader with over 26 million chips he fell down to 4 million chips. The debacle began when he lost a monster pot to Ivan Demidov. The player who has shown greatest progress so far is Ylon Schwartz. He has trebled his stack from 12 million to 36 million. Kelly Kim who was at the bottom of the table is on course to be the first man out. He has lost most of what little he had.

It is only halfway through the first day and doubtless there will be many twists and turns before the winner wears the bracelet.