Tue, Aug

DoylsRoom.com appoint Will Griffiths as President


Industry veteran, Will Griffiths, has been promoted to President of  DoylesRoom.com as well as DoylesCasino.com.  The appointment will see Griffiths responsible for the day-to-day management of the online casino and poker sites. Prior to the appointment of President, Griffiths held the seat of vice-president of marketing of DoylesRoom.com since April 2009.

Griffiths is well-known in the poker and gaming industry for his involvement in solving crucial challenges, revitalizing brands and identifying untapped potential for expanding the company.

The front man of the site, Doyle Brunson, was excited about the prospects of his online casinos with Griffiths as President and reported that Griffiths had done some outstanding things for the Brunson brand during 2009.  He added that Griffiths has built a great team and helped him develop The Brunson Ten and that he was sure that having him as President will mean some really great stuff in 2010.

Griffiths stated that players worldwide had responded positively to the great work that they had done during 2009 and that he was very keen to continue that role in his new capacity for DoylesRoom.com and DoylesCasino.com.

DoylesCasino.com features some of the best slots, progressive jackpot and table games and welcomes players from around the world, including the United States and the European Union.

DoylesRoom.com offers its players access to unequalled poker promotions and lots of opportunities to play with Doyle Brunson as well as other legends of the game.