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Belgium Prepares Itself for Online Lottery


Taking the lead from New Zealand, the Belgian government learned this week how the National Lottery will be making its way online from as early as next year. Speaking to the country’s House of Representatives, the country’s Finance Minister said that the Belgian public was ready to take its lottery gambling online. “More and more persons use the internet to purchase a variety of legal and illegal services and goods,” said Didier Reynders.

It is generally understood that the first stage of the National Lottery’s inception onto the internet will comprise draw games such as Keno, Euro Millions and Lotto, however there is room for expansion and experts believe that more games will eventually follow.

Plans to introduce the National Lottery to the internet were made as far back as 2002 already, with the passing of new legislation. However, it wasn’t until this year that concrete steps were taken to turn the idea into reality.