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Lottery Games Online


Online Keno Lottery ScreenshotIf you like lottery games you have probably already discovered how readily available they are online. Whether you play bingo, keno or scratch cards luck will be the main factor for the outcome. There are casinos that are better choices for these types of games but you will find a selection of lottery games in almost any online gaming portal. Read on to learn more about the most common lottery games online.

Lottery Games

Lottery games are the games where chance will determine if you win or not. In online casinos they usually look pretty much like the versions you will find in the land based gaming halls. The advantage to playing these types of games online lies in the swiftness and ease that you can play them with. Without leaving your house you could be set up for a whole night of exciting bingo with good prices. If you are looking for something smaller and faster you could just as well try your luck on a regular scratch card without having to look for a coin in your wallet to scratch with.


Bingo is the classical game where players try to fill out a pattern on a board with pre-printed numbers. In online bingo rooms you can buy several bingo cards for one game and there is a lot of innovation when it comes to the patterns and prizes. You could even play the game for free with prizes. The best winnings come in the games that you pay for and you can choose between different formats of bingo. The social aspect of this game is kept through chat rooms and bingo communities that tie players from all over the globe together in a most charming and interesting way.


Keno is similar to bingo but it is played faster and with fewer numbers. In keno you can choose how many numbers you want to bet on and then you will win according to the amount of right hits that you get. Keno doesn’t have to be expensive but if you want to bet on many numbers it could cost much more than regular lottery games. This game is becoming increasingly popular online and if you never tried it but like games like bingo you should take the chance to try it next time you visit your online casino.

Scratch Cards and Instant Lottery Games

Online gaming has gotten so far that you can enjoy any game through your computer. Even scratch cards are available in most online casinos. You will get the effects of the noise that the regular scratching would make but forget about the mess and the search for coins to scratch with! Scratch cards are instant but you can also find versions of keno and bingo that play out just as fast as these tickets.

Lottery games work well in their online format. You can enjoy bingo, keno or even scratch cards without ever leaving the comfort of your own house.