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Blackjack Tourneys at Mummy’s Gold Casino


Mummys Gold Casino Blackjack Games screenshotMummy’s Gold online casino is currently offering players some interesting blackjack tournaments.  A Freeroll event is taking place that should appeal to players who are new to online tournaments or to blackjack as it assists players in getting familiar with the concepts of the game without having to pay any entry fee.

The prize pool of $50 is quite small due to the fact that the online blackjack tournament is a free-roll and will be shared by the top four players on the leader board.  An amount of $20 will go to the top winner while the following three winners will win $15, $10 and $5 respectively.

Mummy’s Gold online casino’s freeroll blackjack tournament is played over three rounds.  After the first round half of the participants with the lowest chip balance will be eliminated and the top seven players will be promoted to the third and final round at the end of the second round.  Players start each round with a new chip stack and play the designated number of blackjack hands.

New players can progress to the Survivor blackjack tournaments at the site as soon as they are familiar with the routine.  The only difference between this and the freeroll event is that players are required to pay an entry fee in order to participate.

The Blackjack Attack tournament at Mummy’s Gold online casino has an entry fee of only $5 and offers a prize pool of $500 with the top four players sharing the prize pool.

Mummys’s Gold online casino is powered by software from Microgaming.