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Blackjack Odds


blackjack strategy chartIf you thought that blackjack is purely a game of luck and you put your money on it you were really not much wiser than a true fool. Blackjack is a game which demands of the player to use his brains and evaluate the probabilities in each situation. This doesn’t mean that a game of blackjack is only for those who enjoy rocket science as a hobby. In fact, anyone with some common sense and normal brain power can become really good at this game.

The Odds of winning Blackjack

The odds of winning blackjack depend on a few different things. This is not only a question of what two cards you have on hand.You need to be aware of how many card decks are played with and what rules are in play. With this information you can figure out the odds even before you start playing in the casino. If you are dealt the worst cards ever there really isn’t much to do about it. Everyone can have a bad game or day. Eventually you will find yourself with the cards that give you the chance to take home the game.

Blackjack House Edge

In blackjack you are playing against the dealer and you want to figure out how great the house edge is so that you can make the best choices even before the game starts. Some casino reviews will give you general numbers for this but if you want to be more specific you can use an online house edge calculator. This tool is available for free and it usually includes several versions of blackjack. Try one just for the fun of it and you will see that you get a whole new perspective on your blackjack gaming!

Blackjack Charts

Another great tool for blackjack odds is the chart which you can find on many blackjack strategy home pages. The ready chart gives you instructions for possible scenarios. You will go by what is on your hand and the card that the dealer is showing. The moves that the card suggest are the ones that are mathematically known as the most probable winning ones. To use a card correctly you need to make sure that it fits the type of blackjack you are playing. Check if the dealer is shuffling regularly and how many card decks are in play before you pick a strategy chart to follow.

Common Mistakes

It is very common that players misunderstand how to read their odds as they advance in a blackjack game. If you have seen many low cards dealt and you know for sure that the remaining cards will include many tens you are pretty hopeful that you will be dealt one. The odds are certainly stronger for this to happen but if you are dealt another lower card the odds for a ten won’t increase. This is very important to understand before you start playing!

Blackjack odds don’t have to be complicated to understand but you must include them into your blackjack strategy if you want to see constant winning results at the blackjack table.