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Money Management - Slots Gaming


What a thrill to find a slot machine that will give you spin after spin for a few cents! Players can sit glued to the same game for hours and not really win anything without being bothered by it. That is if they have a healthy strategy for their money management!

Big and Small Money Bets

You will find slots in most casinos with betting limits that are as good as for free. The issues with these slots are many. First of all you will most likely have to make many more bets to truly enjoy them and secondly the smaller money bets are not always the best choices. If you are looking to win specific jackpots you might have to pick a higher betting level. Always read the rules of the slot machine before you start playing. This is a very fast thing to do and it can save you a lot of money by steering your money bets in the right direction.

Slots Bonuses

Slots bonuses are great tools to improve the status of your bank roll. When you get a match bonus that doubles your deposit you will immediately feel the benefits of having all that much more to play with but be aware of the setbacks with bonuses. Since the bonuses always have rules that demand that you play and bet a certain amount before you can take out any winnings caused by them they could sometimes be annoying. You might end up playing more and spend more than what you would have originally just because you want to be able to cash out your winnings. By reading the smaller print of bonus requirements you make better use of them!

Progressive Jackpots

A true slot player will often secretly have a dream of becoming the next “Megah Moolah Millionaire”. This slot machine and many others are out there raising their prize sums every second to amounts that are breath taking. You will have to bet the highest bets to be eligible to the jackpot so be aware of the costs involved in these types of slots. The chance of winning so much money is very exciting so even if you don’t win you could find that it is worth the higher price for the games.

Winning and Losing

Winning and losing is part of slots gaming and accepting this is very important in order to manage your money right. When you set a limit for how much you can spend you should not include any foreseen winnings. Accept losing your entire budget before you even start to play. This will keep you from trying to spend some more to correct what you perceive as a minus from losses.

Money management is an important feature of smart slots strategy. Know how to bet and perhaps more importantly, how much!