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Card Counting Online


If you thought that card counting was just a myth from Las Vegas and not part of regular online casino gaming you were wrong. It is possible to card count also in online casinos all though it is quite difficult to have any success from it.

Card Counting Basics

Blackjack has reached the movie screen and made its way into fiction novels thanks to the art of card counting. Many players dream of beating the casino by predicting what is left in the deck. There is something absolutely awesome about players having to disguise themselves to get into the casino and play. By assigning numbers to the cards being dealt you keep up a count that gives you an idea of the values of the remaining cards. There are many different systems for doing this and players use them also in online blackjack.

Which games to play

A beginner card counter needs to stick to games with very few decks. If you are entering real money blackjack games online you can’t expect this to be the case. Therefore it is a good idea to find an online casino which offers casino games for free. Blackjack for free won’t let you win money but you could get some card counting practice without sweating about your bankroll. If you do find a casino which offers games with few decks and real money bets you should choose these even if there’re are other blackjack games that pay the winner better.

Learning Card Counting Online

You don’t have to pay for a card counting system. There are many online pages where professional players are willing to share some of their strategy for free. If you want to go deeper into the subject you will probably have to pay by ordering a CD or book. A CD that explains blackjack card counting can be very helpful since you get to play trial games while you learn the system. Free card counting articles are great but remember to check who is behind the “fool-proof” system before you bet any money on it!

Using the chat to count with other players

It is possible to cheat online with card counting. You can get together with the players in a multiplayer-table blackjack game and share information through the chat room. Many online casinos disable the chat room for these very games and if not they keep a close eye and record the conversations of the players. Even if you use code language it is very dangerous to start cheating in online games and you could end up paying a steep price.

If you want to card count online you can. Just make sure to stay away from any community card count schemes and try to find the games which are best suited for this blackjack strategy.