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Blackjack Basic Strategy


To become a good blackjack player you should practice a lot on free versions and make sure to learn from those who know the game better than you.

Blackjack Strategy Charts

It is easy to get blackjack strategy charts online for free. These charts look pretty much the same no matter what version of blackjack you want to play. Make sure that you know what kind of blackjack you’ll be playing the most and then search out a strategy chart made specifically for this version. On the chart you will find your hand represented in the left vertical column and the dealer’s in the top horizontal column. You need to learn the shortcuts such as H (Hit), S (Stand) and D (Double) in order to understand the chart. It is also good to memorize the chart so that you won’t have to look away from the game in order to know the most strategic move to make.

Play for free

Practice is the only way to truly master blackjack and this is so no matter how many different types of blackjack strategies that you are using. When you start with the blackjack strategy chart you might enjoy playing free games to get the hang of it without risking your money. Many online casinos offer free blackjack but remember that free versions never match the real deal. If you are doing well in the free game you cannot count on having the same outcome with real bets but at least you know that you understand the game.

Card Counting

The only blackjack strategy that can be considered a fool proof one is card counting. It is so effective that casinos do their best to keep card counters out of the casino and if one should get in they try to distract him from the counting. To learn card counting you need to know if you will be playing with one or many card decks. The latter is almost always the case and to start card counting you can choose a specific system where you will assign the different cards values. Card counting guides can be found for free online but expect a lot of practice before this strategy will pay off.

Learn from other Players

Whether you study a book or read blackjack strategy articles online you are in essence using the advice of other players. Keep this in mind and search out other blackjack fans in forums. Ask them your questions and see what different players will tell you. This could be a great eye opener to new strategies that you might not even have thought off had you not asked the other players!

Blackjack strategy charts are a good place to start but remember to keep on learning by playing a lot and asking other players for advice.