Mon, May

Ladbrokes Salutes 2009 Popular Slot Games with New Promotion


Ladbrokes Casino is offering an exciting new promotion this month in order to salute the three most popular slot games of 2009.

The three slot games incorporated in the promotion are The Great Galaxy Grab, Scoop and Burning Desire.

The Great Galaxy Grab is themed on outer space and is a 5 reel, 25 pay-line video slot. Scoop is themed on banking and is also 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot while Burning Desire is a 5 reel and 250 coin slot machine.

Ladbrokes will be giving players a top prize of GBP 60 during this promotion and in order for players to be eligible for this prize they are required to deposit and purchase GBP 25 of credits and then turn over GBP 100 each day on any of the above three games , or all of them combined. Players can then quality for a Best of 2009 slot machine to be sent to their email address with instructions on how to view the machine. This can be done by either clicking on SPIN or by using the mouse to pull the handle to have their luck revealed.

It is necessary for players to click on the WINNER button and enter their details to claim their prize. Players have a chance of winning up to GBP 60 per slot machine which amount will be credited to their account within two days.