Fri, Jun

InterCasino offering Survivor Promotion


InterCasino’s exciting new promotion, Survivor, is being offered for its’ online casino players this November .The aim of the promotion is for the strongest of the online slots players to be the survivors who will win the prizes while the other players will fall away.

The competition will start on Mondays and players will need to wager at least $500 on any InterCasino slot games on Mondays and Tuesdays.  They are also required to make a profit at the same time so as to survive and carry on in the competition.

Players will be put into three different categories on Wednesdays that will depend on the amount wagered by them during the prior two days.  Those who have just crossed the minimum of $500 will be put into the Bronze band while those who have wagered at least $1,250 will be in the Silver Band.  Those who have wagered over $4,000 will see themselves in the Gold band.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays players need to wager not less than the qualifying amount for their band and also ensure that they carry on making a profit on both days.  This will qualify them for the main Survivor event on Friday when they once again have to wager the minimum amount stipulated in their qualifying bands and also register a profit.  The survivors who meet all the eligibility criteria will win the jackpots and there will be smaller prizes for those who fail to survive.