Sat, May

Online Gambling and the Unveiling of the Apple iPad


The Apple iPad that was unveiled on Thursday, 28th January and goes on sale in April has already had Bloggers who have not even tried using it complaining about the fact that there is no physical keyboard, too expensive, no memory-card slot does not have a removable battery and does not multitask.  There should, however, be lots of positive reviews once the iPad actually goes on sale in April and people will probably be lining up to buy this new computer.

Those in the online gambling industry are thrilled with the launch of the Apple iPad.  Online players who want to play at an online casino at the moment need to either play on a laptop, a desktop computer or on a mobile phone.
By having the required Wi-Fi or 3G coverage players using the iPad will in future be able to play games at instant casinos that use regular web browsers instead of software that must be downloaded, like Virgin Casino.

In future gambling software developers may create games that are specifically designed for the Multi-Touch screen technology at the heart of the Apple iPad.  Players could then slide chips to the appropriate area of the blackjack table and place bets or shoot their own dice with a fast sweep of the finger when playing craps. If the iPad gains popularity among poker players it will result in many more instant poker sites springing up.