Mon, May

Philippines First Online Casino


The launch of the very first online casino at EGamesOnline.com.ph has been announced by the Philippine Amusement And Gaming Corporation (PAGCor).

Filipino players above the age of 21 will be offered conventional games such as baccarat, roulette, slots and blackjack at this online site.

The site will make use of enterprise-class servers to offer players anything that can be found in a land-based casino and is operated by PhilWeb Homeplay Incorporated which is a subsidiary of PhilWeb Corporation.

Online players will be allowed to make deposits to their account by visiting cashiers in Manilla, through authorized banks and via the Click2Pay e-wallet.  Money transfers via online banking and local credit cards will be added in the near future.

Dennis Valdes, President of PhilWeb, said “This is an important step in fulfilling PAGCor’s mission to deliver secure, legal, fair and convenient games of chance to adults throughout the country,”

Valdes added that the site would attract affluent customers who owned their own computers at home and would prefer playing at their own convenience and in the privacy of their own home rather than to visit a land-based casino.

PAGCor is a State owned company that is funded and owned entirely by the Philippine government.  It has 100% control and monopoly over land based gambling and will now have control over online gambling in the country.  It offers a network of 171 iGaming cafes throughout the archipelago.