Sun, Jun

Record Number of Online Gamblers at William Hill Online Casino due to Heavy Snowstorms


William Hill Casino has reported that due to the heavy snowstorms on Wednesday that brought Britain to a halt a record number of players logged on to online casino games. With most people in Britain stranded at home or in their offices it resulted in tens of thousands of online players logged on to play Bingo, Roulette, Poker and other Casino Games all at the same time. Due to the fact that they are small stake games, bingo and poker appeared to be the most popular of all the online games.

A spokesman for William Hill reported that instead of British mothers waiting at the school gates for their children, they were talking to their friends in the bingo chat rooms.

"We have seen a ten-fold leap in new registrations alone from people stuck at home and bored and we look like shattering all previous records for the number of online players on the website site at any one time. The bingo, poker and casino rooms are full to bursting." said David Hood, spokesman for William Hill.”

It was forecast that more than GBP 100 million was set to be wagered with online casino companies on Wednesday.

William Hill is one of the UK’s biggest names in the online casino industry.