Sun, Jun

Increase in Women Gamblers at Online Casinos


Woman Gamblers Casinos OnlineLeading online gambling group, Bellerock Entertainment, recently conducted a survey that revealed that the number of women who currently wager at the online casinos has grown four times since the year 2007. It is felt that one of the reasons for the popularity of online casinos amongst women is because they are drawn to the 100s of online slots geared specially to attract them.

The new gambling statistics regarding the UK market also revealed that at present there are just as many women playing online as men with 48.38% of all online gamblers in the United Kingdom being women compared to 51.62 who are men. The results of a survey conducted four or five years ago revealed that online gambling in the UK was male dominated.

In yet another statement from Bellerock Entertainment it was revealed that the survey conducted by them had also shown that there are certain differences between male and female players as although the number of women playing casino games online has increased, men tend to vary their gaming activities much more than woman. According to the survey, men strongly prefer playing poker, roulette and sports betting while women prefer bingo and online slots.

Women are also turning to internet gambling in larger numbers as they find the online casinos are safer and more convenient.