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Johannesburg Professor urges South Africa to Regulate Online Gambling


Professor Basie von Solms to Regulate Online GamblingA Johannesburg University professor who is an expert on internet communications has urged a special parliamentary session discussing the amendments to South Africa’s National Gambling Act, to regulate online gambling but has suggested that it should not prohibit it outright.

Professor Basie von Solms told the Trade and Industry Portfolio Committee that they should not stop South Africans from gambling online. He recommended that the security of players’ confidentiality and information should be guaranteed by the South African internet gambling industry legalizing the internet gambling industry under very strict conditions. South African politicians are currently allowing citizens increased use of the internet without protecting them.

Betfair’s public affairs officer for South Africa and the Netherlands, Tom Tuxworth, backed Solm’s call for the regulation and licensing of operators. However, he said that many other benefits could be derived from the regulation of South African online gambling such as licensing fees and taxes which should be collected from gambling operators. He added that “Online-specific regulation is required to protect customers and to enable effective taxation. Onerous regulation, limited product offerings and high taxes force customers to the offshore and unregulated markets, while realistic regulation limits losses to offshore operators and protects players.”