Sat, May

Rival Gaming Releases Spy Game Slot


Rival Gaming may be new on the scene when it comes to the development of online casino games and systems, but they are no stranger to the spotlight. The latest news from Rival Gaming is the release of a new slots game called “Spy Game”. This game forms a part of its hugely successful and much sought-after i-Slots series.

The game’s theme of 007-like espionage will have wide appeal and promises to outshine many slots games that are being produced by some of the bigger software development companies. The game’s graphics are reported to be in a league of their own, with characters that look as though they are straight out of the latest James Bond film. The reels do not include the standard fruit and number symbols, but rather a series of clever spy accessories such as cameras, briefcases, sports car and the ever-present bikini girl.

The game flows beautifully and stays within the spy theme with everything that happens. A pistol firing and a spy case with secret documents signal the start of the bonus rounds. These bonus rounds allow players to go on secret spy missions with the aim of winning big – in some cases up to 660 free credits. Players who land on 4 or more symbols will trigger the unique animation sequences.

Spy Game is available as a 15 payline video slot with coins ranging from 0.01 to 0.5. This means that the game is accessible to anyone from fun-seekers to hardcore slots players.