Wed, Jul

Prepaid Card Launched by Moneybookers


One of the leading electronic payment services providers to online casinos and various other online merchants, Moneybookers, issued its own prepaid card recently, known as Moneybookers MasterCard.

The new Moneybookers MasterCard will give Moneybookers customers access to funds in their Moneybookers eWallet accounts at ATMS as well as all retail outlets that display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark all over the world.

Newcastle Card Solutions Limited (NCS), the largest provider on the MasterCard network in the UK and Europe and third largest globally, will be issuing these cards.

Kiray Patel, head of NCS, commented on the Moneybookers MasterCard prepaid card as follows - "The Moneybookers eWallet offers a whole new dimension in terms of convenience and this new card brings together for customers the benefits of a sophisticated online payment platform with access to their money offline, wherever they are, whenever they choose."

Customers using the Moneybookers MasterCard will in future not need to split their funds and preload the card separately.  The card synchronizes automatically with funds in the user’s Moneybookers eWallet.  This new card will provide a very convenient way of funding online casino accounts.

Moneybookers customers need only pay a set up annual fee of 10 Euro for a prepaid card while withdrawal fees are 1.80 Euro and the transaction fee is 1.99%  The Moneybookers MasterCard is also available in British Pounds, Polish Zlotys and US Dollars.

Co-CEO of Moneybookers, Martin Ott, said "We're very pleased to be launching the next step in online payments. We recently signed up our ten millionth account holder; as this sector grows our customers are increasingly looking to exploit the time and safety benefits of the eWallet in the real world."