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Online Software Companies Dish Out the Cash


Over the past few years, there has been a huge demand by online gamblers for online casinos to offer them something different. Software development companies are continually striving to create games that will attract new online gamblers and gamblers from other casinos. However, no matter what these companies try, there is no draw card like money. If a game offers mega riches then the customers are sure to come.

In the last few days alone, Cryptologic and Playtech have each made one of their customers instant millionaires. Cryptologic’s Millionaire’s Club progressive jackpot paid out just over $1.5 and then just a day later, Playtech’s Gold Rally progressive jackpot paid out over $2 million.

These payouts surpass any previous records with regards to payouts within a single week and this sort of news is sure to cause a stir within the online gambling community. Although these two progressive jackpots may not be as lucrative as they were a few days ago, they will nevertheless be top-of-mind in a few months time for online gamblers wishing to take a share of the pie. Those who follow online gambling news will always have an advantage.