Sun, Jun

Russians Turn to Online Gambling


The online gambling world has received a boost from new laws that took effect in Russia this week. Prime Minister Putin made sure that legislation passed a while back banishing land based gambling to four remote corners in Russia was put into action, and overnight, the majority of the country’s casinos were shut down.

Russian gamblers, keen to find a way to continue their favorite form of entertainment without traveling thousands of kilometers to the frozen wastelands of Siberia, have discovered a much simpler and more conventional way of playing: online gambling.

At the click of their mouse, Russian gamblers are whisked off to a virtual casino, presented with hundreds of games and are usually able to wager in their own language as well.

The land casino closure has left as many as 300,000 people unemployed, and it remains to be seen whether the Russian authorities will be able to put into practice what many countries around the world have been simply unable to do.

The bottom line is that a legal and regulated gambling industry is the only way to go.