Sun, Jun

Successful TV Campaign For Ladbrokes Casino


Since the UK has given permission for online gambling companies to advertise in the electronic media and the press, Ladbrokers Casino’s advertising agency has been creating advertisements on their behalf.

The first advertisements featured a scuba diver entering shark-infested waters with raw meat attached to his suit and another displayed a skydiver using an empty crisp packet as a parachute with a punch line of “If only he’d seen ladbrokerscasino.com, it would have quenched his thrill buds”. However, the ASA refused to allow these adverts to go on air as they felt that it would promote the reckless acts displayed.

Ladbroke’s most recent TV campaign features a man hiding in a dustbin while a giant Lemur runs through the streets searching for him. The advert stresses that you don’t have to go to extreme length of playing hide and seek with an oversized lemur in order to get your thrills but to simply head to ladbrokescasino.com to find over 380 online casino games to satisfy your need for thrills and excitement.

This recent advertisement which has been placed during popular TV shows and sporting events has attracted lots of interest and Ladbrokes Casino has seen a vast increase in the number of players at the site. They are, obviously, thrilled with these results.