Sat, May

New Commercial Introduced by Ladbrokes


The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) watchdog ruled against the screening of three adverts which were run by global betting and gaming provider Ladbrokes.  The ASA made the ruling in January after announcing that the adverts would give viewers the impression that gambling is related to being tough, showing reckless behavior and all about taking risks.

A new television advert for its online casino at Ladbrokes Casino has been launched by Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes is a world leader in online betting and gaming for online bingo, race horse betting, poker as well as sports betting and many other online casino games.

In this new tv advert which was launched in the UK this week viewers see a man playing hide and seek with a giant Sifaka lemur in an almost deserted  city. The commercial ends with the apotheoses “don’t hide from thrills, seek them out at LadbrokersCasino.com”.

M&C Saatchi, one of the worlds youngest and most popular advertising agency networks, has launched this million-pound campaign which will run on terrestrial as well as digital television channels.

“Our earlier award-winning ads were very popular and we’re sure that these will prove equally as successful,” said Ciaran O’Brian, Spokesperson for Ladbrokes.