Fri, Jun

Florida May Drop Legal Gambling Age


The state of Florida may be taking a tip from the average online gambling site, after two separate bills were proposed to drop the legal gambling age from 21 to 18.

Some games in Florida are legal to players from 18 already (such as the lottery and poker), while others such as blackjack and so forth require that players reach the age of 21 first before they an enjoy their favorite gambling pastimes. The idea of the bills is to create one uniform policy for the entire gambling industry.

“We wanted it to be uniform all the way across,” said the sponsor of one of the bills, Dennis Jones. “We felt that 18 was a good age. The committee also felt that bringing expanded gambling to Florida was a good idea.”

Opposition to the bills has been very strong, however, with one spokesman of a group saying: “You're talking about opening up all kinds of gambling to the young, to the highest risk gambling groups. The majority of them don't have a real grip on finances and a budget.”