Sun, Jun

Expert Dissipates Online Casino Addiction Myth


An expert on problem gambling, Howard Slayton, says that people are more likely to develop addictive gambling habits in a land based casino than at an online casino. This is in direct contrast to theories created for years that online casinos are more likely to lead to problem gambling.

Slayton’s opinion makes a lot of sense. “Every detail at brick and mortar casinos is designed in minute detail to lure in players and trap them,” he said. “Bells and whistles confuse while giving an otherwordly air to gambling floors, lending an illusion of escape to a colorful and inviting world. Clocks and windows are absent, preventing the sudden injection of reality they might generate.”

In contrast, Slayton said, it was easier for players to become distracted when playing at online casinos, thus leading to less ‘immersive’ playing and a proper check on reality.