Mon, May

New Mobile Gaming Product Planned


A joint project between the London based Cellectivity Ltd. and AliQuantam, with its headquarters in Malta, will lead to a supreme new mobile casino games package, it was announced.

Riding on the wave of demand for quality gaming in the mobile gaming industry, the two companies will create a casino suite as well as sports betting product, which will be made available to Cellectivity members. The companies will pool their knowledge, resources, technology and marketing drive to create the product.

“Cellectivity and AliQuantam are in a unique position in the mobile gaming market,” said the Chief Executive Officer for AliQuantam, Andy Jones. “We are both cash positive and growing businesses, we have mutually compatible skills, technology, and a joint desire to lead the evolution of this exciting sector.”

The CEO of Cellectivity, Marcel Puyk, said: “The mobile gaming market continues to grow at exponential rates and this collaboration will result in the ability to create a new generation of mobile based gaming solutions for existing gaming operators and mobile network providers.”