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Slot Player has Massive Win at WinADay Casino


Winaday Casino Jackpot HitLizzie J, identified as SweetGal at WinADay instant online casino, is absolutely ecstatic after hitting the progressive jackpot at the site and taking home a whopping $140,000.  Lizzie J’s very lucky win took place while wagering on the Win A Fortune slot machine, which is one of WinADay’s most popular titles.

The lucky winner has revealed that her win will enable her to fulfill her dream of opening up her own flower shop.

WinADay Casino reported that although Lizzie J had been wagering at the casino since a short while after the instant-play casino opened for the first time, she had not played Win A Fortune a great deal until now despite the fact that it has been a popular game since it’s launch at the casino last year.

The new Fruitful 7s, which is a basic traditional pub-style online slot machine, five-reel and 21 pay-line online slot game Vegas Mania and Pyramid Plunder with its elaborate built in bonus game are actually Lizzie J’s favorite casino games.

Lizzie J’s win at the casino is the first time that the progressive jackpot, which links all the games at WinADay, has had a hit on the Win A Fortune slot game.