Mon, May

Lucky Hit at Playtech's Beach Life


Yet another player struck it lucky on Sunday and became an instant millionaire with a win of $1,552,778.  The lucky hit was on Beach Life, Playtech’s flagship online progressive slot game.  It is not yet known what the name of the winner is nor the name of the online casino where the hit was made.

Hopefully this new winner will have better luck and not end up with the same fate as the previous winners.

Marie van Wyk, from South Africa, accepted her progressive jackpot prize in installments from African Palace Casino but only received two installments before the payments dried up.  Despite the online casino being contacted by the press, the matter has still not been sorted out.

Another player, Sylvia, had to settle for half her winnings by Joyland Casino after making a hit and winning the $4 million jackpot.

Playtech is trying to do its best to make sure that Beach Life does not receive any more adverse publicity so it is hoped that the new winner will not meet the same fate as Marie and Sylvia.

Beach Life, however, remains a very popular online progressive jackpot despite all the adverse publicity.