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Online Casinos and Chat Rooms


As you spin away on your favorite slot or ponder on what to do next in a blackjack game you sometimes have the ability to talk to other players. It might not be the best idea to chat while you are trying to play a skill game but in most situations the chat room is a welcome extra. By chatting with other players you make friends for life and you expand your gaming experience to be more social.

Using a Chat Room

It is easy to chat. You click on the link to the chat and you will see who is in the chat room by their nick names being displayed by their comments. As soon as you type something and press the Enter key your message will be seen by everyone in the chat room. To make the chat flow easier acronyms are being used. You will often see abbreviations like LOL (laughing out loud) and letters and numbers together like b4 (before). You can pick up on this language fast and use an online dictionary for it if you don’t get a comment.

Rules for the Chat Room

It is expected of players in the chat room to keep a nice and polite tone. Remember that you might be talking to your opponents. If someone else wins you should congratulate them and not put up a sour face. There are moderators in the chat room that keep an eye on what is being said. This is also a way for the casino to control that players aren’t trying to cheat by forming groups for outsmarting the House.

Making Friends

When you talk to your fellow players you will soon realize that they, just like you, have many other interests in life apart from gaming. Chat rooms are wonderful places for making new friends. If you play in an international casino you could get to know people from other countries. This could give you a reason to do some travelling at your next break from work!

Chat Room Games

As if the game you are already playing isn’t enough you can also play games in the chat rooms. Chat room games are simple and light games that can be played simultaneously with the main games. It is common that these little games come with prizes that can give you a boost both to your bank roll and good feeling. Just don’t forget that these are extras and not meant to become your major focus in the casino. If you are betting real money on another game you need to concentrate on this and not lose your attention because of the chat games.

In the chat room you can make new friends and enjoy extra games. Make sure to enjoy this special social feature of online gaming but don’t forget to keep your focus on the main games that you are playing!