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Casino Bonuses and Payouts on Slotland Casino Video Slots


Slotland Casino BonusSlotland casino, a premier online casino site that offers an incredible array of top quality games, is once again upping the ante with its bonuses and freebies.

The biggest draw-card at this casino is without much doubt the Witches Brew Video Slots game. A short while ago over $120,000 was paid out to one of the site’s members on the progressive jackpot offered by Witches Brew. This video slots game is a three wheel, one pay-line slot, which is nice and simple for new players.

There are several online Casino and gambling sites that offer bonuses, yet many are not very user-friendly. Without reading the long terms and conditions, it is easy for new players of an online casino site to become confused. Slotland casino has nevertheless managed to keep its bonuses simple so that what new so that what new players see is what they get.

The bonus structures are not the biggest on the web, with the welcome bonus being a straight 100% on deposits up to $100. The minimum first deposit by new members is $10. Other bonuses include casino bonus codes. These bonuses are placed straight into new players’ accounts via the casino.


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