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Bingo in a Casino vs Bingo in a Bingo Room


Casino Bingo Room GuideMany casinos like to boast with their big game selections. It is common to see that they offer bingo but is it the same bingo that is played in a bingo room? Most of the time it is not and this is important to know for a player who is specifically looking for the real bingo experience online. Which type of bingo is the best is really up to the player and what he is expecting from the game.

Bingo in the Casino

Bingo in a casino is usually a very simple form of bingo. It is actually more like a slots machine dressed up like a bingo game. You still try to get the combination of numbers in the traditional bingo rows but you won’t have the bingo caller and all of the other details that are found in a bingo room. You also don’t have to buy bingo cards since the game simply starts by a bet and a press at the button. If the casino has a separate section for bingo it is actually a bingo room within the casino.

Bingo in a Bingo Room

Bingo in a bingo room looks much more like the game in the local land based bingo halls. Here you buy your cards and pick a game with a pattern that you like to play with. You also meet other players in the game so you have to wait till it starts on a time which is preset in a bingo schedule. Bingo rooms online also have many more options for bets and possible prizes than what casino bingo has.

The Social Aspect

The greatest difference between casino bingo and a bingo room must be the social aspect. A casino online might have a chat room but this won’t be focused on the bingo game and you won’t be chatting with other players active in the same game as you. In the real bingo room the friendly feeling goes beyond the chat program. Thought the bingo community you can truly befriend the other players no matter where in the world they live.

Winning Money on Bingo

In a bingo room you can win more money on the games. There are simply more games to choose from and sometimes there can be games with really big jackpots to win. In the casino bingo you can’t win more than what the machine has been set to. In the bingo room many prizes depend on the pool of players. This makes big tournaments of bingo especially interesting for people who want to play a lot and have a chance to win a lot too.

Bingo in a casino and bingo in a bingo room are not the same things. The best choice for bingo will be in the bingo room thanks to all of the special features and prizes.