Tue, Nov

Sportsbetting Sites Follow Cole Saga with Interest


Novelty bets are a huge part of any sportsbetting site, especially when they have to do with the lives of celebrities. One of the most gripping sagas to hit sportsbetting sites this week has to do with Cheryl and Ashley Cole, one of the UK’s most high profiled couples. Cheryl Cole is a popular singer and performer, while Ashley is one of the most talented football players in the world and serves Chelsea FC.

While the couple has had their problems in the past, many believed that they were on their road to wedded bliss and bookies even posted odds that they would be the first to announce a pregnancy this year. All that flipped on its head, however, after news broke that Ashley Cole has been caught out cheating on his wife again.

Bettors flocked to their favorite betting sites such as Paddy Power, Boylesports and William Hill to wager on whether Cheryl would return to her husband or not, and this week bookies announced that after Cheryl fled to the US and found comfort in the arms of “good friend”, they were willing to pay out that the couple has split.

The question remains whether Cheryl will keep her role as a judge of the X Factor or not. “The X factor is probably the most high profile program on UK TV and the odds suggest that Cheryl might wish to shun the limelight and have a year off,” said a spokesman for William Hill.