Tue, Oct

Betting for American Idol Finale at Online Gambling Sites


It was a very busy day of betting on the online gambling sites yesterday with online gamblers placing wagers on American Idol. Today will probably be even busier due to the fact that the finale takes place tomorrow night.

The American Idol has always been a popular television program with fans watching their idols week after week and voting for their favorites. With tens of millions of viewers tuning in to watch the grand finale each year it has now become one of the most watched programs.

When any competition is as well watched as American Idol Finale it is certain that there is a betting going along with it so it is little wonder that yesterday and today are such heavy betting days with online gamblers.

“Every year more and more gamblers are choosing to place wagers on American Idol and the majority of gamblers are doing so online” said observer Jackie Berens.  “This year there will be even more action because nobody really knows who is going to win”.

Adam Lambert, one of the two finalists, has been the favorite for many months and appeals particularly to the rocker crowd.

Kris Allen, the other finalist, has the teenage girls drooling over him and has been a favorite since the start of the season.

The finale which begins tonight, concludes tomorrow night with the results show.