Sun, Jan

Australian Company Launches Betting Platform


Sports betting fans should be pleased to note that a new betting platform has been launched in the form of Typhoon Pools. This new product will offer players the chance to wager on Australian soccer and horse racing, although plans in incorporate other sports types (eg. Rugby, cricket and FIFA soccer events) are already underway.

Nicholas Plowman, Managing Director of the company said: “Typhoon Pools, as well as enabling traditional betting choices, is designed with the latest technology to facilitate new and unique bet types, with more information, more security, more speed and more reliability for betting customers.”

“Typhoon Pools will show racing and sporting fans worldwide that their betting experience can be as entertaining and exciting as the races and matches themselves,” he continued. “Typhoon Pools will enable racing and sporting fans to test their punting skills and hype their excitement with each event. And it runs on the Typhoon software platform that is quite simply the best system available anywhere in the world today.”