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Britons Betting on the Weather


As an icy winter grips the United Kingdom, bookmakers are offering odds on literally everything under the weather! Prior to Christmas, William Hill was taking bets on whether the UK would celebrate a white Christmas Day – and then heaved a sigh of relief when the day proved to be snow-less.

"Much like the abominable snowman, Britain's favorite festive flutter is in danger of becoming extinct as snowfall becomes increasingly rare in December," said William Hill. "But we are not sorry to see no snow as it would have cost us a monster million payout."

In the days after Christmas, bookmakers such as Ladbrokes are now wagering on the temperatures that continue to nose dive in the country. Odds are currently 20/1 that this will be the coldest winter in history, while William Hill is taking bets (100/1) that the Thames will freeze over…