Sat, Jun

Turkish Authorities Arrest 39 Online Gambling Employees


In a huge crackdown on its online gambling industry, the Turkish authorities have arrested 39 people involved with Sportingbet.com, the UK-based gambling operator in five simultaneous raids. This is contrary to the initial rumors that only two Sportingbet.com employees had been arrested.

According to a statement, the Turkish Financial Crimes Investigation Bureau called for the country’s public prosecutor’s office to arrest the people, and charge them with money laundering. Authorities claim that money was laundered from Turkey via Sportingbet.com’s Turkish arm, Superbahis.com gambling site to Swiss bank accounts. It is alleged that money was taken from over 600,000 Turkish nationals who placed bets at Superbahis.com.

Eleven out of the 39 were released after questioning, while the others were transported to Istanbul. It is not yet known they will appear before the Court of Justice.