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World Cup Betting


World Cup BettingIt becomes more and more common that online casinos belong to a gaming portal which also offers sports betting. This means that online casino players are introduced to the world of sports in a way that they never would have in a land based casino. It is easy to make bets on sports online and right now the buzz is about the coming world cup. You can bet on everything from the winner to what continent the winning nation will be from.

Betting on Winners

The soccer world cup is fairly known by most people. This event gets a lot of attention even by the countries who don’t make it to the group plays. The obvious bet to make is on who will win the tournament. What might not be so obvious though is who will win, especially not before the games have started. One does not have to be an expert on soccer to be able to place bets on the winner. There are plenty of interesting up to date articles online about the form of the participating teams. Many times it is simply enough to know what countries usually do well to make an educated guess.

Goal Scoring

Another interesting bet to make in the world cup is how many goals will be scored and by whom. There are strikes in each team that are expected to deliver many goals throughout the tournament. The one that makes the most will win the honorable Golden Boot trophy and if you can guess right on who this will be you can make a lot of money on it. To make this bet it can be helpful to look at the favorites and see how they have scored for their regular teams throughout the season and then pick the one with the best results.

Who will qualify?

The world cup starts with groups of four teams each. From each group two teams will continue and you can bet on these teams. Some groups are easier to bet on since there is one strong team and three weak ones others are more tricky. To decide how to make this bet one can use the same strategy as for betting on the winner of the tournament. Some players simply stick to their favorite and bet for it both in the qualifying rounds and for the finals.

Winning Continents

The two continents that historically have won the most world cups are South America and Europe. It is possible to bet on which continent that will take home the victory this year and that can be very exciting. To make this guess the bettor must look at what teams are actually in the tournament and in what groups they will play. The closer the betting gets to the final the lower the odds will be for the right answer. Therefore the bettor with the right answer will make the most if he placed the bet before the tournament even started.

Sports betting online focuses on the world cup right now and casino players can get right into the action with little knowledge.